We have a very large open playground that is split into two sections; for babies and for toddlers and pre-school. There is continuous play in the garden that mirror indoors such as sand, water, construction, book library, sensory and role play areas. We have a large bug wildlife area for investigating wildlife with the children. The bus garage help children understand different modes of transport. Activities set out in the garden area hep to stimulate and discover most of the 5 sense of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

We have a garden area where we plant seasonal flowers and seasonal vegetables and do composting. Children are encouraged to care for this area and talk about growth and decay. Outside we have a focus on gross motor skills as the children have more space to be able to move around freely. Children are dressed appropriately for the weather and are taken out in all weathers. We have an sensory area in the garden, where all children can explore their senses or go into for a calm space. This area provides a calming, relaxing, stress-free environment (important for children’s emotional well-being). It also helps with communication and movement and develop new skills for all children especially those with complex needs.