Maximising Family Time


We all are living quite busy lives with tough schedules and so much stress that ultimately we don’t get enough time to spend with our loved ones. Obviously cooking meals, doing laundry, and taking naps is one necessary part of your life. However at the end of the day, what matters the most, is the time that you spend with your children. The memories that you make, and the time spent with your little ones will matter a lot. Because when you grow old, you will have plenty of things to laugh

and smile about.

The reason that you’re reading this article is probably because, like many other parents, you want to spend quality time with your children but fail to do that. The reason behind this is probably because of your busy work schedule. Well, if you are genuinely looking for a way out here are 7 best ways to maximize your family time.


Make a To-Do List

Some people don’t know much about the importance of to-do lists, and we often find them useless. However, to-do lists are the best way to organize your time. Write what’s most important, what’s not important, what can be done later, and what you should not do. Divide your list into the three positive categories, and then work accordingly. Set an estimated time for each of your tasks. Convince your mind that you have to fulfill the time’s requirements at any cost. Also, when it comes to the highlighted portion of your list, you should highlight your family time. Remember, you simply can’t skip on this one task.


Use What You’ve Got

We totally understand the fact that there is so much work you and your partner have to do on a daily basis, and there is quite a lot of burden on you both. In such hectic times, you can reduce the stress of the work by asking for help from friends, family or even a babysitter. Try to reduce your workload, and don’t shy away in asking for help or taking help from others.


Involve The Kids In Your Daily Chores

As a matter of fact, kids cannot clean up the housing mess as fast as you can. But if you involve them in your daily chores and ask them to even fold clothes with you then this can result in the creation of a strong bond between you and your children. You get to spend time with them, laugh with them and play with them too while you are working and cleaning up the mess. Invent some sort of family clean up games and make cleaning and chores interesting for your kids and yourself too.


Eat Together

“The family that eats together stays together”. I am sure that many of you have heard this quote before but now it’s time to implement it in your family life. You should not wait for the children to sleep in order to have peaceful meals. In fact you should come home from work and set the dinner table as soon as you can so that you can have a good meal together. This will also help you in maximizing your family time. Sharing meals together can result in the promotion of good communication, you can tell each other how your day went. Also, you can laugh and know each other more. Not only dinner, in fact, try to eat breakfast and lunch together too, if possible.


Help With School Work

When your children are doing their homework try to sit with them and be eager about the subjects that they are working on. Your interest will ultimately affect theirs, and this way their learning will be improved. Try your best to teach them different things while they are doing their homework. Sitting with them will also help you in knowing how capable your child is.


Play Games

Many parents feel that only kids can entertain kids, and play with each other. This is absolutely not true. Parents should get involved in playing games with their children too. This will also help you in creating a stronger bond with them and creating lots of good memories. Play board and card games with them. Also plan some family contests where your kids can indulge in creative games and learn from those games.


Share your stories with them

Talking to your little one and sharing with him/her is never a bad idea. Talk to them about work, and how your day went when you come back home. This way they will know that you were busy at work, and didn’t get time to spend with them. Also, when you have a day off work, take out your family albums and tell them stories about the time when you were young. Tell them about your experiences and tell your funny stories that will make them laugh. All of this ultimately will start showing results and your child will start waiting for you to come home.


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