Where children are entitled to the free 15 or 30 hours of Early Years Nursery Education funding, details will be provided and fees charged on individual basis in line with parents attendance preferences.

Fees are payable monthly in advance by online transfers, cheques or through standing orders.

Jigsaw operates a two-day minimum attendance policy.
Fees are payable for 52 weeks per year.
Any time taken in excess of agreed attendance will be charged at the rate of £1 per minute / £60 per hour.

We are registered to provide, and offer the 2 year old funding, subject to our availability.

The  Funded rates applies from the term following a child’s 2nd birthday

To check your eligibility for the 2 year old funding, please go to the following link 



The funded rates applies from the school term following a child’s 3rd birthday.
Examples include:

                                                                                Child born between                            Funded place available  from

                                                                                1st April - 31st August                              1st  September

                                                                                1st  September - 31st December          1st January

                                                                                1st January - 31st March                        1st April

Please call the nursery for our fees with the Funding applied and all enquiries to Nursery office for funded only places (limited number of places available).


A child will be entitled to the extended 30 hours funding from the term after:

  1. a) the child has attained the age of three;
  2. b) the child’s parent has a current positive determination of eligibility from HMRC.

Please check your eligibility on  https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/ and obtain a HMRC code from the site.

You need to provide this code to us with your NI number, child’s date of birth and name of child as registered on the HMRC portal for the extended 30 hours code.

At Jigsaw, the Government extended 30 hours is offered as a stretched full package of care (subject to spaces availability).

As we have limited number of places on offer for the extended 30 hours, we advise that codes are applied for as soon as possible.

Funding to start school term, September to December - code needs to be given to the nursery by the middle of August

Funding to start school term, January to March - code needs to be given to the nursery by the middle of November

Funding to start school term, April to July - code needs to be given to the nursery by the middle of March