This is our pre-school room for children agreed 3 - 5 years. The creative area in the room is a very large space that is fully equipped with lots of resources for the children to choose independently. These include paint, junk modelling and many more types of activities. Our role-play area helps to spark our children’s imaginative thinking. Role-play promotes communication and language skills as well as self-confidence and self-awareness.

Our Literacy area encourages children to develop their fine motor skills. It can also help them learn how to hold a pencil in specific grasps allowing them to form the letters of their name. There is a lot of multi-tasking that goes on in this room is used for a variety of different activities. These activities are usually focused around maths and literacy, however the children’s interests are incorporated into it. In addition, our practitioners will do focused activities throughout the week.

The home corner area allows children to share their real-life experiences such as making dinner or looking after babies. The dress up resources in this area enables children to share experiences of different job roles such as doctors, builders, policemen, dentists, and chefs.

Children can create and act out their own narratives in the small persons world and construction area. This allows them to gain communication and language skills and can also encourage friendships by playing in small groups.

In our Maths and Numeracy area we have a range of resources for the children to develop their understanding with numbers and shapes. We also have lots of different magnetic resources so the children can make different shapes or learn what connects to each other. The investigation area allow children to explore and gain knowledge and understanding of the world. This is supported by using children’s interests and the age and stages of their development. In the sand and water Area, the children are able to independently choose the toys they would like to play with. They are also able to mix the two together creating different textures and experiment with the changes. The malleable table provides messy play such as play dough. In this room, we have a cosy carpet area where the children can sit and relax or look at a book. The carpet area is also used for structured carpet time a few times in the day.