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Slide About US Jigsaw is a small, friendly nursery situated on the edge of the Cricket Green in Mitcham. The first five years of life is a very formative period during a child's development. For this reason, at Jigsaw we aim to provide a safe, loving, stimulating and fun environment where children can play, learn and develop their potential in the early years of their life. Our objectives are to allow children make choices, nurturing their individuality and assisting them to gain self-esteem and confidence that in turn promote fundamental British values. Take a virtual tour

Slide Our SERVICES The nursery is open between 8:00am - 6:00pm,
Monday to Friday for 50 weeks of the year,
closing for bank holidays, one week in summer
(usually week commencing August bank holiday)
and one week at Christmas.
The nursery organise extra-curricular activities, usually by special arrangement. Swimming lessons hold on Mondays and Tuesdays, gymnastic sessions on Wednesdays and French lessons on Thursdays.

Slide Our ROOMS

Slide Caterpillars Caterpillars is our room for
6 months - 18 months.
Play forms an integral part of the activities, as this is an important aspect of children’s play, which helps in many areas of their development and offers the opportunity for children to build on their communication and language skills. Read more

Slide Ladybirds Ladybirds is our room for
18 months - 3 years old.
Here the children do loads of mark making, often wrongly described as doodling and scribbling. In actual fact, this is the child’s first step towards writing. As well as enabling a child to learn how to write, mark-making can benefit... Read more

Slide Butterflies This is our pre-school room for
children aged 3 - 5 years.
The creative area in the room is a very large space that is fully equipped with lots of resources for the children to choose independently. These include paint, junk modelling and many more types of activities. Read more

Outside GARDEN AREA We have a very large open playground that is split into two sections;
for babies and for toddlers and pre-school. There is continuous play in the garden that mirror indoors such as sand, water, construction, book library, sensory and role play areas. We have a large bug wildlife area for investigating wildlife with the children. The bus garage help children understand different modes of transport.
Read more

Slide Why Choose Us? Ofsted: Outstanding / Food Hygiene The nursery is registered by Ofsted (Office for standards in Education), who oversee standards of care and education in the Early Years sector. Ofsted inspections ensure that our provision meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage in respect of welfare and curriculum. The Department of Environment (Public Health), and the Fire Department also regularly inspect the premises. Copies of the most recent inspection reports are available on request. Fees and Funding

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1 Cricket Green, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4LB
Buses: 118, 127, S1 Nearest Train Station: Mitcham Junction on British Rail
and Mitcham on the Tram Link
just 3 minutes walk from Mitcham town centre,
and overlooks the Cricket grounds.
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